Reading Tutoring

Have you watched your child or student put forth the effort but desired results have not been produced?  You might be just starting your journey of trying to figure it out or you have years of research and multiple trips to specialists.  Either way, we're excited that you found us and we'd love to help.

What you are experiencing as a parent, teacher or caregiver is fairly common.  Statistics show that one in five students struggle with a learning disability.  If not addressed it will likely have a disastrous impact on a young person’s self-image and ability to live up to his or her potential.  We have services that will give them the opportunity to reach their potential.

At North Valley Tutoring, we have a passion to help students overcome reading challenges and we have seen our students transform!  This is life changing as these skills involve every part of our lives.  Our tutors are equipped to take on the challenge with positive encouragement, determination and a proven system for achieving success.

The most common question we are asked is, “How many tutoring sessions are needed per week?”  The minimum required is 2 sessions but more can be added.  Less than that and you don’t see results.  Summer is often a good time to add more sessions.  Parents also wonder if a diagnosis is required and the answer is no.  A diagnosis is helpful but not necessary to benefit from intense, one-on-one tutoring.

Of course one of the big concerns is cost.  This is where doing your due diligence will “pay” off…  Prices in the valley can be as high as $85 per session.  NVT is generally 30-50% less than that because we are committed to keeping tutoring more affordable especially for those who are budget constrained.  We vary the rates of our tutors based on their experience and certifications.

We strive to minimize your drive and accommodate your schedule. After school is the most popular time but we tutor before school as well. Saturday is also an option for those who have very tight schedules during the week.  We find convenient locations which sometimes is at the student’s home or school.

Reading is a Challenge

You are here because more than likely you have a child or student who is challenged with reading.  They may have a diagnosis, an assessment or you’re just concerned due to their difficulty with reading and spelling.  


All the programs we use are Orton-Gillingham based.  This means we use visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities to fully engage the brain to learn.  Our students aren't struggling to read because they're bored or aren't trying, their minds work differently so we use evidence-based tools that work for their awesome brains.  It is not a quick fix but it absolutely works!