Math Tutoring

Does math seem to be a constant struggle for your child?  Maybe numbers, addition and subtraction seem more difficult than they should or multiplication tables and division are extremely challenging.  Obstacles could come with fractions, decimals, story problems, algebraic equations and the list goes on.  If your child gets anxious about math and their frustration level goes through the roof, the problem is not likely that they’re not trying hard enough.  Their brain is simply not getting it.

When looking at language development in children, it begins with their interaction with physical objects they come in contact with.  Next they move to a more semi-abstract level when they recognize pictures of objects. Then they move to the abstract where a child uses oral expression to identify an object.  Finally, they are able extend oral expression into a sentence. We use this same natural approach for math instruction and it works!

We leverage movement, verbal expression and concrete items along with the multiple senses of learning:

     · Visual – see concept or skill using objects

     · Kinesthetic – students are required to use body movement

     · Auditory – learn from tutor speaking and hearing themselves express verbally

     · Tactile – students write or trace on tactile surfaces

Each pathway to learning builds students conceptual understanding and gives them a cue to remember what to do when they are faced with a math question.  This is helpful for students who:

     · Are learning math for the first time

     · Do not learn math skills easily

     · Do not retain basic math skills

     · Would rather chew their arm off then do math homework…

We give students the opportunity to build on previous knowledge and fill in gaps while developing new skills they can master.  Our hands-on, multisensory approach to learning math utilizes less memorization and more thinking.  Repetition is not the answer for overcoming math challenges.  The answer is using a proven OG method for building student’s intelligence in the logical-mathematical category.


OG Math is effective because it helps students grasp the “why” of math instead of the generic “just because” reasoning. 

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms.  It’s about understanding.”    

William Paul Thurston