Trail of Tears

We have personally dealt with the challenges that come with ADHD, behavior and learning differences in our family.  It is our mission to help as many other families in the valley as we can who are currently trying to navigate the same waters with their child or children.  We offer transformational tutoring and coaching along with pointing you to some of the best resources here in our community.



Allison Burns started coaching in 2015 and now has become one of the most sought-after ADHD coaches in Phoenix/Scottsdale.   ADHD coaching is transformative and she strives to help clients become more resilient, gain meaningful skills and grow their self-confidence with evidence-based techniques. Allison helps reinforce desired behaviors so her clients can move more confidently toward their goals.

"I use my training and experience to help my clients become more resilient, grow their sense of self and establish ways to succeed in life. I meet with adults and teens (or their parents who want to learn how to support their child) and largely focus on developing awareness and integrating new behaviors while easing their own stress and uncertainty at the same time."

Through active listening and purposeful partnership, Allison facilitates connections, creates community and ignites change in those affected by the challenges of ADHD.  

 Allison grows her knowledge and skills every day and currently holds:

  • B.A. Education, North Central University
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Foundation
  • ADHD Coach and ADHD Parent Training Specialist, International Coaching Foundation
  • Associate Coach, EDGE Foundation
  • Support Group Facilitator, CHADD The National Resource of ADHD
  • Career and Life Planning Services Specialty Training
  • Tier 1 trained with Think:Kids Collaborative Problem Solving



We are so excited to offer this one-on-one structure using Orton-Gillingham programs for kids and teens who learn differently and may have a diagnosis of dyslexia and/or Dyscalculia.  For us, this journey began when our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia in the 4th grade and OG tutoring greatly improved her skills and self-confidence in school as she went from an AR 3.1 level to AR 5.3 in one year!  Math continued to be a problem even after reading skills were brought to grade level.  More had to be done and at the same time, we started getting requests for math support from other frustrated parents.

We were hearing similar stories to ours of parents doing math problems over and over but the child not understanding or retaining the information.  In most cases the child's IQ is strong and they may be doing well in most of their classes.  Math is complex and requires the whole brain so if a child is deficient in one or two areas (i.e. memory, processing, visual spatial, executive functioning, etc.), they will struggle.

With our daughter, tutoring was not convenient and barely affordable.  We set out to change that!  Convenience and affordability are cornerstones in our tutoring so more families can be helped. We have a variety of tutors around the North Valley and we couldn't be happier with the results.  Many young lives are truly being changed by building skills they didn't have before.