Follow a Proven Strategy

We want to empower individuals and families with ADHD, learning disabilities & behavioral challenges.  Clients, from teens to adults, become more resilient, grow their sense of self and establish ways to succeed in life.  We largely focus on developing awareness and integrating new behaviors while easing stress and uncertainty at the same time.
We follow a strategy with students to help build: planning, organizing, task initiation, sustained attention, time management, working memory, metacognition, flexibility, goal directed persistence, emotional control and response inhibition.  How does it show up in a student's life?  It looks something like:

  • Student completes work but “forgets” to hand it in
  • Has difficulty transitioning from one task to another
  • Can’t seem to keep track of directions, possessions, and assignments
  • Needs more external support and reminders than peers
  • Doesn’t seem to catch “careless” errors
  • Is very inconsistent in daily performance
  • Has no concept of the time required to complete a task
  • “Forgets” multi-step instructions shortly after given  

These kids are at high risk for developing secondary social, emotional and behavioral problems.  Parents and teachers may begin to wonder if these children will ever be independent while the children themselves often feel very inadequate and overly dependent.  Children do well if they can so if they're not succeeding, a lagging skill is getting in their way.  The most important message to send the students is that their executive functioning skills can improve leading to a sense of hope and possibility!

One-on-one coaching is very effective with developing these skills.  We also have qualified academic tutors to help our clients not only with their homework but with planning as well.  No parent likes battling their child over homework or stress because it wasn't turned in.  And what about those projects due tomorrow that they've been procrastinating...  Yes, the nightmare list goes on and on.  Let us help you!

 This is critical for academic and social success.  The good news is EF skills are teachable at any age.